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Fluted point from Sheriden Cave.
CAST #P-16

    This is the only complete stone spear point found during the excavation of Sheriden Cave. Another fragment of a biface was found but a positive identification as a projectile could not be made. This fluted point was found in 1998 by Paul J. Barans less than three feet from where the first bone point was discovered in 1995. It has been extensively resharpened and it doesn't seem likely that it would have undergone any further resharpenings. It's possible that it may have even been discarded by the original owner when he replaced it with a new point on the end of his spear or foreshaft. Paleo-Indians were hunting with a wide range of sizes of fluted points. Some of them seem to small for the animals they were hunting. A fluted point measuring 1 1/4 inches long was found on the mastodon kill site at Kimmswick. Even smaller fluted points have been found on other Paleo-Indian kill sites.
   This fluted point measures 1 3/8 inches long but may have been  2 inches long when it was newly made.